The passion for breeding warmblood horses
When Lena Lindvig met Aan Mihardja in 1991 the idea of a warmblood breeding stud was soon a hot topic and a dream they both had in common. Both started riding as children and they shared the same passion for beautiful riding horses and equestrian competition. At the time there was no warmblood breeding facility in Indonesia yet and together they started to plan the future of such a breeding stud & clinic for warmblood horses for equestrian sports.

The establishment of Gamma Stud & Clinic
In January 1992 the first import of 3 horses from Denmark was a success. With this large-framed Oldenburg stallion Lord Scandic the first step toward a successful breeding plan had been taken with local Indonesian ponies and thoroughbred mares as being the perfect match. During the summer of 1994 Lena and Aan got married in Denmark and their Honeymoon days were spent looking for quality warmblood horses to add new valuable bloodlines to the stud breeding program. The result of their search was 3 stallions and 6 mares of proven bloodlines. Two of the mares were put in foal just before departure by elite sires.

Pioneer of Artificial Insemination and Ultrasound scanning
In 1994 Lena and Aan decided to learn how to do the new method of fresh semen A.I. and Ultrasound. With leading Danish vets theory and practice followed by an intensive field course at Gamma Stud their new skills were approved. Soon to be performed over and over in order to manage on their own breeding mares and stallions. In 1996 the skill improved into frozen semen with an import of 75 straws from total 5 Danish Warmblood Sires.

Warmblood breeding for the Indonesian equestrian sport
Today Gamma is well established and has bred close to one hundred Warmblood horses with world class bloodlines from fresh and frozen semen. Many of the Gamma horses have achieved fine results at national and international events. In 2015 the 3-year-old Gamma Zackxobeat sired by top European Elite Sire Blue Hors Zack arrived to our stud. With this handsome young promising stallion we hope to ensure the quality breeding of top dressage horses for the Indonesian equestrians many years into the future.