Jul 13 2017

Annual meetings, welfare seminar, and Young Breeder World Championships…
Dear Sir or Madam,

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This newsletter includes 3 topics:
General Assembly and seminars 2017Invitation for seminar on welfare in Sweden during the EC 2017Young Breeders’ World Championships in Canada 2017
Enter for General Assembly and seminars 2017

Now the invitation and overall programme for the General Assembly November 11th – 14th 2017 are published and you can enter and book accommodation – please do so before October 9th. Find the material on our website here.

The meetings are hosted by the Danish Warmblood Society (Dansk Varmblod) and will take place at the Legoland Hotel in Billund, situated in Central Denmark and only a few minutes from Billund Airport. Find hotel reservation form and info on the hotel here.

Hopefully, the diverse programme with exciting activities, three workshops, and some highly relevant presentations will make this a memorable event.
Sightseeing destinations will include venues such as the the showjumper stud, Ask, the medieval royal castle, Koldinghus, Blue Hors Stud, and other interesting places – more information can be found on the website, and a leaflet with further information will soon be online to inspire you.

Speakers such as equine veterinarians Mette Uldahl and Rikke Munk as well as MSc Sophie Favrelle will make interesting presentations on “The influence of the horse’s shoeing on dressage gaits”, “Interaction of behavior, physical training and performance in sport horses”, ISCI, embryo transfer, and genomic selection in the Danish Warmblood breed population.

Once again, a WHIRDEC meeting will be held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the WBFSH.

Invitation for welfare seminar in Sweden during the European Championships

Update on the Young Breeders’ World Championship in Canada

The IYBWC takes place in July at Spruce Meadows, Canada.

The schedule can be found here.

Every studbook can send 4 participants 16-18 years of age and 4 additional participants 19-25 of age. There is a team ranking and an individual ranking. Find further information on the rules and regulations oft he IYBWC here.

Overall team winner of Championships 2015 in Great Britain was Holstein, Hannover was 2nd, and Brandenburg-Anhalt was 3rd. All results from 2015 can be found here.

Participating studbooks 2017:

1.American Hanoverian Society

2. Austrian Warmblood

3. Baden-Würtemburg

4. Bavarian Warmblood

5. Brandenburg

6. Canadian Warmblood

7. Danish Warmblood

8. Hanoverian

9. Holsteiner

10. Irish Sport Horse


12. Oldenburger

13. Rheinland Phalz-Saar

14. Rheinländer

15. Selle Francais

16. Swedish Warmblood

17. Westphalian

The bi-annual meeting of International Young Breeders

The bi-annual meeting of IYB is held in Calgary, too.

Actual board members are: Lieve de Greef (BWP, vice president), Celia Clarke (GB, secretary), Thomas Rädel (OLD, treasurer) and Inken Gräfin von Platen Hallermund (HOLST, president).

Find more information on Young Breeders International here.

We wish you all a happy summer!

Yours sincerely,

Karina Christiansen

Secretary of WBFSH